Managing environment for biodiversity

  1. Assessment of technical and environmental factors that determine the risk of electrocution and collision on power lines.
  2. Mitigation projects of the risk electrocution on dangerous pylons.
  3. Recovery programs for threatened species
  4. Population monitoring of endangered species
  5. Control of invasive alien species
  6. Advice for trade in CITES species

Environmental Impact Assessment

  1. Environmental Impact Studies
  2. Impact assessment on Natura 2000 Network
  3. Strategic Environmental Assessment
  4. Environmental surveillance programs

Regional Planning

  1. Management Plans of Natura 2000
  2. Natural Resources Use Plans

Forest Management

  1. Silviculture and monitoring guidelines for integrating conservation of Mediterranean forests and wildlife habitat management
  2. Forest management projects


  1. Conservation biology of endangered species
  2. Raptor ecotoxicology

European projects and seeking funding

  1. Applications for LIFE +and Biodiversity Foundation founds
  2. Applications for R + D + I

Hunting and game management

  1. Management of hunting estates
  2. Census, surveys and monitoring of game species
  3. Reinforcement of wild rabbit and red-legged partridgepopulations
  4. Training of game keepers: accredited by the General Directorate of the Civil Guard, Interior Ministry for Rural Guard training and specialty skills teachers: (i) Hunting; (Ii) Maritime fishery keeper

Spreading of natural heritage

  1. Contents and design of brochures, merchandising and sign posts

Sustainable Tourism

  1. Design and signposting of eco-tourist itineraries
  2. Good practices projects for tourism development
  3. Birdwatching
  4. Nature guides